Saturday, April 16, 2011

my easter bunny surprise

my easter came from stephanie basket and all.we were asked to send 1)craft magazine 2)easter themed tea towel (made or bought) 3)chocolate/candy 4)easter themed wash cloth(made oe bought) i even rec'd a chickie and basket with trivet.staphanie, you make a wonderful easter bunny.


i found julies easter swap on swap dex. selected partners, one to send to and another to receive from. i got her mum in autralia. i didn't get pics of the chocolate bunny or the cloth paper scissors magazine. i hope she bites the bunny ears off

Monday, April 11, 2011


i haven't posted for awhile because i was sick in early march and suffered a loss of energy, then spare time was an issue. well saturday a.m., i was so excited because i had computer time and i couldn't log on to my dashboard. bummer.i'm adding this at work (for shame) and hope my problem is solved and when i get on my own pc everything will be okay.