Sunday, December 12, 2010

day 8

this angel and candy cane look so cute on my tree.thankyou kim @blackberrycrowsprisms.blogspot


  1. Sandi, aren't these just the cutest matchboxes. Love Vanessa's wee mice! You asked about my Shiny Brite wreath, and I glued them onto a straw wreath form with hot glue. Of course, I'm a bit nervous about how well the hot glue will keep. I'll have to check it over every year and make sure everything is secure. You could probably use e6000 or Liquid Nails. I ended up using an entire package (20?) of the mini glue sticks. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!

  2. I received your matchbox for day 14. I love the Christmas tree theme. Thank you so much.